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Digital Service Desk


Digital Service Desk (DSD) is a process automation driven Robotic Agent that works amongst the service generator, receiver and provider organization. DSD coordinates, finds, routes and assigns the service requirements to appropriate authority automatically without any human intervention.

Cloud Based Tools

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Faster, Better & Sleeker

DSD is a digital assistant available 24x7x365. This assistant understands the levels of complexities & technology platform of the various service needs raised in the system and accordingly assigns those to the right technical experts – all in an automated manner.

DSD Features

⇛ Automatic assignment of the service needs to the right technical team first time and every time, irrespective of the technology platform.

⇛ Just-in-time coordination with right resolver group to improve service resolution productivity.

⇛ Live Chat facility

⇛ Acknowledgement of service needs

⇛ E-Mail update

⇛ Text Message update

⇛ Mobile Alarm update

⇛ Social Media Connection