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Technical Stability & Scalability


DOCU+ is a multi-lingual, document management solution integrated to the overall service management solution of iFIX. The relevant process and solution documents can be uploaded in any format and then Docu+ provides index based document management.


“I don’t want to spend hours searching in the filing cabinet or file folders. My files have to be in my fingertips at the click of a mouse – getting searched in real time. Also, it ought to be most up-to-date, valid and approved documents in any form – Scanned documents, images, pdfs, MS Office Documents, even audio and video files.”


DOCU+ Features

⇛ Google like search facility for all organizational documents – major convenience to all business users to find any relevant documents

⇛ Ability to search for specific key word inside any documents of any form

⇛ Unique indexation for every stored documents

⇛ Document validity and expiry features

⇛ Authorization driven document access to business users (View or update/change)

⇛ Document storage facility within iFIX .

⇛ Provides benefits of digitalization of all physical documents and making them available under service management umbrella for any usage and reference.

⇛ Brings in a major help in self-service ticket resolution by making the relevant documents accessible on-demand & faster.