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Innovation & Value Generator (IVG)

IVG (Innovation & Value Generator)

IVG (Innovation & Value Generator) establishes and promotes a culture of idea generation and value creation within an organizational framework through its guided workflow driven methodology. It provides an end-to-end functionality- to manage the ideas from idea generation to submission and then from review, approval to implementation, -to capture the value through a formal sign off process.

Stupa is an innovation-led technology solution provider.

Innovation & Value Genarator

IVG (Innovation & Value Generator) Features

  • IVG is the technology solution to make your Innovation Lab sustainable.

  • IVG facilitates management with Innovation Dashboard and Value Creation Dashboard, to recognize the impact it creates to the top line and bottom line of an organization

  • It provides the features to reward and recognize the employees or partners behind the most promising ideas, ideas with maximum likes, Maximum number of ideas, etc.

  • Major features includes

  • Post & Socialize your idea

  • Launch an idea campaign

  • Define rewards & benefits

  • Establish Value Creation Council

  • Conduct review workshop – technical, commercial & budgetary/ investment

  • Deploy the idea – Prototype, Pilot & Business deployment

  • Capture the benefits & sign off

  • Innovation Dashboard

  • Value Creation Dashboard