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iFIX Cloud Based Application

Laboratory Chemical Distributor Company


  • ⇛ Implemented iFIX on cloud platform
  • ⇛ Deployed DSE, DOCU+, SMA, DGC modules of iFIX
  • ⇛ Provided a Service Mgmt. Solution for customers
  • ⇛ Provided Mgmt. Reports thru’ Service Mgmt. Analytics

Key Benefits:

  • ⇛ All service requests are tracked for closure through iFIX
  • ⇛ 100% visibility of unassigned & Open/WIP requests
  • ⇛ Complete automation of the manual process
  • ⇛ Single record to show inquiry, sales and purchase related requests

Business Case:

  • ⇛ Completely manual service request resolution process
  • ⇛ Unable to track all the manual records leading to lost sales
  • ⇛ Improper demand planning as sales and purchase are not aligned leading to unplanned inventory cost
  • ⇛ Repetition of common tasks leading to long lead time for order execution
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)