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No License Fee for iFIX

Large Public Transport Organisation


  • ⇛ Implemented iFIX on cloud platform
  • ⇛ Deployed DSE, DOCU+, SMA, DGC modules of iFIX
  • ⇛ Implemented role based access mechanism
  • ⇛ Multi-lingual document access – in Kannada and in English
  • ⇛ Ticketing solution to raise and resolve business queries(Service Request, Issues, etc…)

Key Benefits:

  • ⇛ All employees have real-time online access
  • ⇛ Productivity Improvement: 80% faster availability of doc
  • ⇛ Centralized digital repository with doc query solution
  • ⇛ Unique Doc Indexing - with anytime anywhere availability

Business Case:

  • ⇛ Very High volume of hardcopy doc – how to manage these systematically?
  • ⇛ Easy, authority-based, multi-locational access of the doc for reference, at convenience and to improve productivity – how to enable?
  • ⇛ Lot of time spent on searching for the doc in Kannada or English
  • ⇛ Sr. Mgmt.'s query gets delayed response - doc not found on time
  • ⇛Address Digitalization Initiative of Govt. of India.
  • ⇛ Reduce burden and dependency on physical infrastructure
iFIX - Cloud based Ready-To-Go Saas Model