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SMA(Service Management Analytics)

SMA (Service Management Analytics) is the central MIS console. SMA brings in an Exchange Dashboard where all the service management KPIs are visible to the different levels of management. It provides a real time update to them about the health of the organization from service management perspective. It clearly provides the actionable insight and draws upon the areas where management attention is required.

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Typical Service Management Analytics

(Available with visual graphics dashboards)
Most Unstable Solution Zone (Top 3 Process Areas for producing maximum tickets) Innovation Index (Idea generated, Approved and Value Generated through Ideas)
Most Unstable Applications (Top 3 Applications generating maximum tickets) Knowledge Index (for the individual, team, and entire engagement)
SLA Compliance Level (Visual graphics based SLA status) TCO Reduction Index (Self Service Tickets)
Open vs Close – Incidents/ Reactive Problem/ Preventive Problem/ Service Requests/ Major Incidents Escalations Index (% of Tickets resolved through escalation vs the normal route)
Utilization Index – SMDB & KMDB Change Request Index (Extent of Business Change and Technical Change Request)

SMA Features

• There are about 40+ dashboards available readily in the Exchange Dashboard Console with different cuts like business and process areas or application areas, etc.

• All kind of service reviews – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc can now happen directly through the iFIX.

• No need to prepare any presentation, no PMO work, no lead-time required for the reviews.

• Tracking of service KPIs or SLAs at all the level through iFIX – from track lead to project lead to service delivery managers

• The complete service governance model

Try SMA Features

SMA is available on-demand and 100% real time – access anytime from anywhere in any device – mobile or notebook/desktops – home or office or on-the-go. Senior management can now see all the Service Management KPIs independent of the service manager/his team – the real true story comes out directly from iFIX. It makes the life easier to manage the service provider’s contract effectively and negotiate a better terms and conditions based on their real performance.